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On The Subject of Angelina Jolie’s Recent Masectomy

On The Subject of Anjelina Jolie’s Recent Mastectomy

More than thirty years have passed since I was told I needed a total hysterectomy:tubes. ovaries uterus and all. Uncanny timing since the doctor who said i must have it  also caused the Pelvic inflammatory Disease I had suffered by inserting a coil, (a popular birth control device of that time). I had lethargy, felt very tired and came to see him. He ran  a blood test and said he found nothing. he offered a prescription for a tranquillizer, which i declined. Two days later i had a high fever and called his office. He was away and the doctor on call thought I had an atopic pregnancy and told me to get to the hospital. they did an operation through my belly button. I was not pregnant but had a bad infection from the coil.

My doctor visited me in the hospital after the operation and told me: I had such terrible infection from the coil that the blood tests must have been screwed up and now  i needed a total hysterectomy,saying: I’d always have pain during intercourse and never be able to have children and they would have done the hysterectomy when i was under anesthesia but my fever was too high.  In any event this was bad news for me i always wanted to have children.

My ex-husband could not have any and we tried for six years , I had all the tests, some extremely painful and then finally it was suggested he have a sperm test. There was the answer. not enough volume and slow moving sperm cannot do the job. We tried adoption and we were turned down because technically we were not all together sterile.

In short, this news from my OBGYN was sad and I cried a lot. My then boyfriend comforted me saying: “I’ll make you pregnant. You’ll see , they don’t know what they’re talking about!” I thought he was out of his mind, what did he know? They were the doctors. Well it turned out he was right and my mother bless her soul was right. Later on I had to see my doctor for a follow up exam. His receptionist brought me a clip board with a formal release for me to sign, she said i had to sign it or he could not see me. So much for the honor in the Medical profession. I went to four more specialists after that. Two in NYC. One in California,a colleague of my OBGYN  said yes to the hysterectomy,, he later admitted me to the maternity ward, and the other three did not agree. I elected to follow the advice of my new OBGYN in New York: Ampicillin  taken every month during my periods. In eight months time, I was pregnant! Had a normal pregnancy ,delivery and healthy baby.

Now this Angelina Jolie matter. They have a new blood test for “the cancer gene”. If you test as more than  a  certain % over  whatever they decide is the norm, they they suggest to take your breasts and ovaries out to prevent these kinds of cancers. Now what if your got the cancer you’ d have the mastectomy then or if this test is a total hoax and you never get any cancer? Or maybe you’d get liver cancer or cancer of some other type. How can they predict everything?  My doctor in New york told me the doctors in California are knife happy collecting specimens for research. This may be continuing, girls look out. How many men have had this preventative type of surgery? I really think it is a shame to cut yourself up now to prevent cutting yourself up later. My mother was a breast cancer survivor.She had a lumpectomy, radiation , etc.Yes there was major side effects from the radiation. She was 80 when it was diagnosed.  Never had any other types of cancer.  She lived to be 98.

Who knows if this new test method is accurate? how can they possibly test their theory without emasculating many women? Know yourself know your body.

It’s the only one you’ve got. Don’t jump to chop yourself to pieces. What’s the sense in that. I hope that Angelina and women like her who have made that choice will recover and lead happy lives but it will not be easy for them. No amount of fame ,fortune or luck can take the place of a healthy body. When you amputate the body goes into shock and their are adjustmentst to make. My heart goes out to these women. I pray that they are not senseless victims.

Another day of Squeezing into the Same ole Jeans..

Year after year, I find myself having to lay down on the bed to fasten and zip up my favorite jeans, These are my skinny jeans and I never seem to be skinny enough to just slip into ’em. Yes they’re tight but baggy is out and I gottabig butt sooo I deadlift and legpress and cardio and eat low fat for thirty years Goddamit and I am still too hippy and round for these darn man made for no hips pants. Fuck it!

Remembering the Day Martin Luther King was Shot


I was a new teacher in East New York, Brooklyn,in an elementary school.This was rough very poor neighborhood of black and Puerto Rican families. When the news of his death became known rioting began in the streets outside the elementary school. We had heard that a white boy in the high school 4 blocks away had been knifed and killed in the bathroom. The mob was still gathered around our school after the children had gone home.

We were inside ,all of us white, all …of us scared for our lives.What was our crime? It didn’t matter because a sacrificial lamb had to be to speak..for the death af their savior.a great humanitarian, killed by a white man. We were hostages and not until many hours after dark did we get the news that Sonny Carson was outside asking all to desist and go home.He was the head of CORE and he spared us that fatefull day.
Than came the assassination of another Kennedy. RFK. Only a short time after Dr. King. He wanted racial equality..but angered labor unions and Herbert Hoover with his policies.
I am an artist and not a politician. Today is the inauguration of President Obama. Many Americans believed the election of a black President would bring the country into a period of peace and prosperity but it has not. Let our next great leader step up to the plate! Perhaps Obama is the one..only time will tell. in the mean time, I’m hoping.

Julia Child /Out of the Can.

Julia Child and French Cuisine

Never understood her TV show i was too young. Now I am sorry I did not pay more attention to her instruction in the Art of French cooking in the 60’s. At that time I  loved eating out at the most expensive French restaurants in New York and travelled to France .

 At any rate after seeing” Julia and Julie” I was totally awestruck with her life and achievements. Wish I had a bigger kitchen! I sure would like to see all those episodes aired on TV again. They had one on KPBS last Saturday and she was attempting without any luck to cleaver the head from the carcass of a huge fish. Hysterical scene. The fish was already dead, gutted and all that was left was the ghoulish giant head and the spine. She was making stock for Boulaibaise. she continued with a sharper knife to try and simply commented”Well That didn’t go so well…”



Funny Julia! This may sound gruesome but if you eat to live  or love to eat you can appreciate her efforts in bringing fine cuisine out of the can into the garden and on to your plates! I started buying organic when I move to California in 1972. Vegetables never had any flavor before.

So if you can buy a Julia Child cookbook and try one recipe;an easy one to begin.

If you cannot use butter then substitute olive oil or something with  less fat.

Truthfully I would rather see her on TV once again.

She was fascinating..and that falsetto!


June 20,2012 To Walk or Not to Walk..That is The Quetion!

To Walk or Not to Walk…

That is the Question!


I am writing just because.

I doubt that anyone will ever read this crap so what the hell.

I took my first walk since I tore my ACL on May 27. I had to make my boyfriend come a long with in case I fell over when and if my knee gave way. The pup came too.

After alot of whining and complaining he actually enjoyed the fresh air. I was slow but managed after a time not to limp. Wore my flexible brace for support.

My goal was to get to People’s Food which is about 1/2 mile from here I think.

I did not really need to go there. It was just a destination and i needed to challenge myself. I started painting again a few days ago but this requires sitting and standing both of which cause my leg to stiffen. I needed strengthening and the walk helped.

I hate being unable to do the things I have always taken for granted.Dancing, powerwalking, exercising, stretching,etc. At the onset I could not walk without crutches. I could not cook for myself because I could not carry anything. My boyfriend and I had a big fight. I was on pain killers and I got nasty and he accellerated the whole thing. It sucks to depend totally on others. I was considering moving to assisted living.  It was the medication. I won’t have to do that at least for now I am much better and can do everything for myself and others once more.

Getting older can be great if you,as my mom used to say, have your health.

Stay healthy my friends. If it were not for all the years I spent at the gym, personal training, eating right, not smoking and basically taking care of my body I would not be making such a quick recovery.

I can’t wait to see my Orthopedist on Wednesday. He was so negative last time..well he should have looked at the films before he gave me all the bad news:

“Well you really did it have multiple fractures in your tibia and torn ACL” etc. etc..”Does this hurt?”


“How about this or this?”


“Let’s look at your MRI. Oh, I don’t think you have bone fractures, just bruises,tore the ACL..No surgery at your age, unless you intend to play football or soccer,I’m sending you to physical therapy, that’s for sure. One crutch or a cane will do for now with the brace.”


The Day They Shot Martin Luther King

The Day They Shot

Martin Luther King

I was a new teacher in East New an elementary school.rough neighborhood when the news of his death became known in the streets rioting began. We had heard that a white boy in the high school 4 blocks away had been knifed and killed in the bathroom. The mob was gathered around our school after the kids had gone home.

 We were inside all of us white;all …of us scared for our lives.What was our crime?It didn’t matter because a sacrificial lamb had to be to speak..for the death af their savior.a great humanitarian. We were hostages and not until many hours after dark did we get the news that Sonny Carson was outside asking all to desist and go home.He was the head of CORE and he saved our asses that fatefull day.

The Chanukah Song

The Chanukah Song

Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song has truly replaced the drab and boring “I had a little draedle” that we used to sing as kids. This only shows how sophisticated youngsters have become. i guess this goes along with the new fangled IPAD, IPHONE,and in  general the world wide web. Boy have we come a long way baby.

In my lifetime I have experienced radio and vinyl records as the only form of home entertainment . Yes we could play scrabble , monopoly, risk, battleship  or some interactive game(ie: charades and hide and seek).In ’49 we got our first TV and the first one in the whole neighborhood. We had the whole family in to see my cousin Sheldon appear on the Arthur Godfrey Talent Show, He won the Grand Prize, by the way. He was a song writer musician and his song was “He put in a bar in the back of his car and he’s driving himself to drink..’

 When we were preteens we’d dance or try to teach one another how in somebody’s basement or go outside with our new sleds if the snow had fallen. Who knew about birth control? There was none available or breast augmentation before your sweet sixteen?

Well now we seem so lame to the children of today. They have all knowledge at their fingertips. They don’t have to ask us Mom and Dad because Google has replaced us with Wikipedia.What kind of communication skills do they have? my son types, oh excuse me,,  keyboards at an impressive pace. He doesn’t listen to voice mail messages and relies solely on texts.

Well it will soon be Chanukah. My son is out there somewhere probably “Communicating” with friends on facebook and his IPHONE. I hope he knows that it is Chanukah and gives his addled mom a call or text if he prefers.I will light the menorah and perhaps throw a latkah or two on the barbie.I’ll open my you tube account and listen to Adam Sandler’s Chanukak song. It’s so  hilarious it will cheer me up.At this time of year I miss my Mom Dad & Sister (who have passed on)and my brother and cousins all scattered across the country who used to gather at my house for holiday dinners and running around like a pack of vilda hayahs as my Dad used to say.

We had great times being children while it lasted. It goes by like a flash. today i’m going to the San Diego Museum of Art with my sweetheart to see the Mexican Modern Exhibition. A new day in a new World.

Last Night while I was sleeping..

Last Night while I was sleeping..

My life must have become so boring that my dreams are far more exciting;

 well that may be going too far..they are more mysterious than real li

 My life is anything but boring!

So for the last two nights I have dreamed about my son as a young four-year-old in school. i had been shopping for garlands of roses to put upon our rose trellises and then proceeded down the stairs to josh’s school. I asked the other boys if they could tell me where he was. They were seated and pointed looking to the right laughing. He was at the beginning of a long line of seated boys. As I approached from the end of the cue, he was the last in my sight, Sitting cross legged with an impish grin, face all greasy as if he’d been rolling in mud. There was a retangularly shaped piece of heavy duty silver duct  tape over his mouth.all the other boys laughed and giggled.they thought he was a scream as the class clown. I was upset that I could not get him to answer me.

Of course last night’s dream was even more provocative but I have forgotten every bit of it.

Where in the world?

Where in the world?

Last night I had the most wonderful dream. 

I had done something right and a man was giving

me a check for one thousand dollars and asked:

“Did you need more? I will write you another check!”


Lord Be Praised!