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A Winter of Mild Lament

So it was a hot hot Summer without a fall Season, we suddenly went headlong into winter and it has been cold in San Diego. nights have been extremely damp and chilly, Yes we always have a winter but not such a drastic change in just a few days.

Last warm week i started pool exercise classes. so much fun and planned to return, even bought a new bathing suit, which i have yet to wear. My swim buddy has now had a cold for the past week and last night i came down with it. Oh yes how could i forget the biggest downer of the day: Went to see an endodontist yesterday to determine the fate of a tooth that I had tended to in T.J. and guess what? They butchered the job (twice) and now I have to have it extracted. I trust this endodontist and know if he was sure he could save it he would but according to him it would be unkind to put me through another root canal as he fears it would be unsuccessful because of the state the other two yahoos have left it in. I am so heartbroken over losing this part of me and angry at the B.S. the T.J. dentist fed me about the discomfort taking at least six months to subside! Ha! It has been two years and after too many trips to his office this is the topper offer So good bye molar. Los the one infront of it several years ago as well as the one above. Need an implant really two which should be about $4000 each with the crown.

The exam yesterday with high tech x-rays was $405 and the extraction could be $500 and then where the heck will i get the cash for the implants and crowns? I blame my childhood family dentist, my bad eating habits as a child and having not enough money to afford proper and  regular dental care. This is the pits.

i better get over this cold/sinus infection pronto. i have to go to an Art opening tinight. where i must refrain from breathing on anyone ..hugging and kissing is definitely verboten!

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New Day

My website host has made it impossible to add new work to my website. After three hours of trying my own ability to do this, followed by calling them and chatting on line for 1 hour, I give up. This person on the other end of this chat could not comprehend what the heck I was doing. so I chatted on bye.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas This Year

How The Grinch Stole Christmas This Year

It all started Christmas Eve. I was recalling all the wonderful Crhistmasses I had enjoyed as a child . Even though we are Jews we had Christmas at our house. Everything but the Tree. Stockings were hung and we anxiously awaited Santa Claus..waking just after dawn to rush down stairs to see all that santa had left us. I always wondered how he got in since we had no fireplace..but no matter it was fabulous and magical. Thanks Mom and Dad.

I continued this tradition with my own child.

Yesterday I started feeling down since I had received a call from my son and his intended had left him for another and with my ring that i had given to him for her as an engagement gift followed by the Face book message from my brother announcing his impending death.He lives alone in New york and is dying from cancer. We are not on good terms. My mom died five years ago and he has appointed himself as her sole heir to all that she owned. as a result we are not really speaking much. 

Having no plans to buy gifts or receive any due to my long periods of poverty, I was feeling preety depressed. On top of everything else on the final two nights of Chanukah, I was down to only three chanukah candles and could not afford to use the food money for such frivolities. Living alone with my Christian Scientist boyfriend who celebrates no holidays even birthdays..It’s true that he is as broke as I am but I believe he does not understand my feelings at this time of year. He is trying but says..”We can’t afford it.”  His daughter paid for the movie and gave him some cash for Christmas. Last night his buddy came over and he said”Honey we’re going to get you those running shoes you wanted tomorrow”. Today he asked me twice how much will they cost”Whew..that much..gee..uh..”.but he got me the shoes I guess he does understand my feelings afterall. He’s quite a guy! 
On the other hand feel awful when I cannot give to my child..even now that he is an adult even one Christmas and or Chanukah gift as I used to do. and so on Christmas eve we went to our studios and worked. I had not spoken to my son in more than a week since he couldn’t pay his cell phone bill. There was also a flood in his house due to the big rains we had which ruined his computer and his sofa. He had no way to communicate with anyone.I worried about  him. In the evening as we were leaving, we spotted him in front of his restaurant. He was in good spirits and said he wanted to get together on Christmas day. “Facebook message me” he said. so I did over and over again starting at &:30 AM without A reply all we never got to see him..i invited him to go with us. Dan’s daughter was taking us to the movies Christmas day..but he never got in touch..and I never asked Dan to drive the 6 blocks to his house..he had a headache and had to go right home.It’s been 4 years since my truck was stolen and I still do not have my own car.I have made money but it always had to go for something else.

Yes in conclusion I will make it up to my son as soon as possible ( I have two free passes to the Zoo)and to my boyfriend . Tonight I cooked him his favorite diinner and he is very pleased. so the grinch stole Christmas but we got it right back from him anyway in the end.