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Diaghilev and Me

When i was very young about three years old my grandmother insisted that i have ballet lessons. When i was fifteen my sister began taking me to the ballet in New York, In the end my sister did not fare well in the 1950’s and as a result committed suicide in the 1970’s.

I have her book Diaghilev and the Ballet Russe .Have read it and has inspired some of my work. Interestingly enough,Eleanor Antin was also inspired by Diaghilev in her work. She is the same age as my sister would be if she had lived.

2016 My Year in Review

High Fidelity, 56×56 inches, Oil on Canvas, 2015

It was a pretty good year for me “Art-wise”. The La Jolla Athenaeum Annual where I received honorable Mention and Members’ Choice Honors. Two invitational shows at the Gotthelf Gallery in La Jolla and sold five paintings to collectors. Even managed to replace my stolen pick up with another pick up! Nothing to complain about. In 2017 i will have a solo show in Barrio Logan at Symbologist Gallery. Off to a good start!

2015 A Year In Review

This year began with a fab group show at the Brokers Building Gallery: “Let The Good Times Roll”hosted a big crowd due to Silfredo Lao and his Cuban Band and Performers. Very Exciting performers. The walls were adorned with Art from the Brokers Gallery Artists which complimented the Festive mood. A successful evening! Danny and i revisited The San diego Zoo. Not as exciting as it once was but fun anyway.Worked on “In with The In Crowd”,4 small abstracts and reworking  two older unfinished paintings “This ain’t no Picnic” and “Once upon A Vermeer” .

At the same time I had begun work on the cover art for The Del Mar Racetrack Program..but in the end did not get the job.

In March I completed my new self Portrait”The Thinker”.

April always brings a big dilemma”What kind of Birthday cake for my son  Josh?” This year I spent $42 for a Cold Stone  ice cream cake , always was his fave but this time not so wonderful !Working on “Speak Memory” and “My Diane” for my upcoming show.Brokers Open Studio Event.

May 22 My Solo Show at The Brokers Building:”Speak Memory”. I was pleased with the way I curated the work. There were new and old paintings all based on my life growing up in Brooklyn and included some family portraits as well as my own. Opening night May 22, 2013. josh made the sushi for my reception, I baked a cake and there was vodka punch! Good Time!

June: Danny’s birthday! Baked another cake! Rejected from two juried shows :Athenaeum and OMA Alliance Not feeling so great about my work in June. Planning my next painting.

July, My birthday: This time made an ice cream cake and it was better than the Coldstone..also cheaper! Began “High fidelity” a 59X59 inch piece.going well.

August: My friend Judi visits from Florida. we have fun seeing sights and catching up. Friends since we were three years old! She gets deathly ill and I rush her to the hospital. Sleepless nights until she leaves for home. Oy Vay! got hot at end of August and continued.

September: Delia and her family visit me from PA. Two kids are adorable. She always wants to take them to theme parks and so off we go, her family, Jos and me. She and josh are like brother and sister..both only children. Very sweet kids.I am finishing up high fidelity and have been expecting a visit from the director of the San Diego Art Institute about a possible show there. The Poteets and others on the board have encouraged this studio visit.. She came we talked she looked and she left. End of story. I was very disappointed when she never got back to me re: NY show connections that she was going to set up for me..never happened..I am disappointed.Hot hot Hot this month.Working in studio with sweat pouring off me.

October:Group Show”Wicked Art” I get invited to submit work to “The Gotthelf Gallery” in La Jolla! HOORAY!! Theme show”Things we pass down” Working on it.Need to turn in JPEG in 3 weeks.  High fidelity finished.Begin work on”If you Saw Me In Heaven”

November: Working on “If you Saw Me in Heaven.Danny has a solo Show at Brokers. i help with everything. Opened November 13. Band singer two nights and Paris attack opening night. Hardly anyone showed..very disappointing. SOB.

December: Gotthelf Gallery opening.My painting”Hava Nagila” Great success..big crowd. They applauded me when i was introduced..Love “My People”! finished “If you Saw Me In Heaven, would You know My Name.” And the Year isn’t quite over anything can happen! More Later.